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University of Stirling Research Project: Mapping Ecologies of Care in Creative Hubs during COVID-19

Creative Stirling are currently working with a research team at the University of Stirling as part of a project that maps the ways that our organisation responded to COVID-19 and how this will shape us going forward. The research team are Dr Katherine Champion (k.m.champion@stir.ac.uk), Dr Maria Velez Serna (maria.velezserna@stir.ac.uk) and Dr Susan Berridge (susan.berrdige@stir.ac.uk) all from the Division of Communications, Media and Culture at the University of Stirling. Here is a bit more about what they are currently researching:

“Anecdotal evidence suggests that cultural and creative hubs, and the networks they activate, have played a key role in the local response to the impact of COVID-19. This research being undertaken by the University of Stirling in collaboration with Creative Stirling and funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh Small Grants scheme explores the ways in which Creative Stirling transformed their activities, mobilised their networks and redeployed their assets during COVID-19 and lockdown.

In order to capture the interconnected nature of these activities, the team are collating interviews with key individuals associated with the hub as well as developing a mapping project to capture the networks of care deployed by the hub. In so doing, the project aims to make visible the assets and infrastructures mobilized during this time of crisis and to consider how this is shaping future activities and sustainability.”

Through partnerships and collaborative projects with other arts and education institutions like this research project, Creative Stirling regularly offers opportunities for internships and work placements for University and College students. This year Eilidh Stalker, a fourth year University of Stirling student studying psychology, used her work placement opportunity (carried out remotely) to design a survey for us, which you can fill out here.

This questionnaire will be shared round artists, musicians and all who identify as being part of the broader creative workforce, enabling us to create a clearer picture of how the Forth Valley area creative community has been impacted by the pandemic, so that we can plan our future creative business and enterprise development work around their changing career support needs.

The questionnaire is for Creative Stirling, not connected to the University project although any future actions that we do in response to the feedback and data we receive may shape activity that could then inform the research. All use of any data collected will be managed and used in line with Creative Stirling’s GDPR policy.