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There’s No Community Without You – Community Video and Interview with Hannah Grey

We are making a short film in collaboration with Strathcarron Hospice & The Kitchen at 44 to celebrate the ways that our community comes together! 

We would love to include anything that has brought people together since the beginning of the pandemic – perhaps you have created a WhatsApp group with your neighbours; started a club, group or sports team, shared baking or meals you have made with your friends. 

If you’d like to tell us more about your story, or would like to share images, a video or voice recording to be included in the film, please email:

We had a word with Hannah Gray from the Strathcarron Community Building team about the video project, her role and her thoughts about Stirling:

So, Hannah, tell us about your role?

I am a community builder for Stathcarron Hospice & my role involves finding out what’s already happening in the community and what it is that people are passionate about. I’m all about connecting people together who care about the same things.

What’s your favourite thing about Stirling?

I like that although we are a city, and we’ve got all the facilities this includes, we can get out to the countryside really easily. I grew up somewhere really rural, then moved to Glasgow, which is a big city, so this is the perfect mix. And of course, I love the people in it too.

What do you want from the video?

To celebrate all the good things that have been happening, because we don’t always have the opportunity to focus on the good stuff.

Can you give us an idea of the types of good stuff that’s been happening?

There’s been loads of really positive, informal community led things happening. As well as the big things that happen, I like to shout about all the little things that need celebrated too.

For example, WhatsApp groups for neighbours/people who live on your street. People going to their local community food projects to get flowers, and give them on to a different person every day to make them smile. Groups making up kits, or “bags of love”, to hand out in their community. Local business owners rewarding front line workers with treats (such as cake).

There’s lots of acts of kindness happening all around us.

What do you want the videos to look like/ and how long?

People taking part can send in a landscape video to us, a couple of minutes, or however long they need, to tell us about what they’ve been up to. We will then edit this for them into a Vox-pop video. Or, if needed, we can come and help them to do this.

Anything else you want to tell us about?

There’s been a bit of negativity around the city centre recently and we want to bring our community together to celebrate all the people who live here, their skills and their stories. If you want to help us build back stronger, get in touch with me at and come meet up for a coffee & chat.