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Stirling Photography Festival and f5 Collective Exhibitions at the Hub

In case you needed reminding what a beautiful art-form photography is, we’re be hosting a month long celebration featuring Stirling Photography Festival as well as work from local photography collective f5. You can come along to the hub from now until the 24th of September to view the exhibitions.

Stirling Photography Festival will be exhibiting work from Frank McElhinney’s ‘False Starts, Limitless Ending’ series, consisting of kite aerial photographs made from the source stream of the River Forth that feeds Loch Chon all the way out to the sea. It is a meditation on mortality and the cycle of life. The photographs were originally made in 2014 in response to the theme of FLOW that was proposed that year by the Jill Todd Photography Award, in which the series won first prize. 

The festival will also be running workshops and events in collaboration with Stills, including a ‘What’s the Problem With Photography?’ discussion on the 14th of September. Stills Director Ben Harman and Research Associate David Grinly will debate some of the pros and cons of photography in historical and contemporary contexts. In doing so, they will attempt to get to the bottom of their obsession with the democratising medium via the frustrations, shortfalls, wonders and paradoxes that it presents. Tickets are free – you can register your place here.

Alongside this, f5 Photography Collective will also be exhibiting work under the theme of ‘Street’, and they will also be running workshops starting October. The collective work in digital and film with each having their own way of representing what they see. They are interested in the built and natural environment in particular and the ‘Street’ project was part of a number of challenges the group have set themselves in recent years. 

The collective is made up of Scottish-Canadian photographers Ian Kelt, John Lindsay, Chris McGregor, David Mitchell, and Doug Pritchard. All work featured in the exhibition is also on sale, and all proceeds will go to support photography here at the hub.