Stirling’s Culture Symposium
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Get involved! Stirling Culture Symposium

On May 23rd, the Stirling Cultural Partnership will host Stirling’s first Culture Symposium. The aim of this is to support us, through our Place Partnership work, to work together – local creatives, creatively curious, policy makers, organisations, freelancers, and everyone in-between – to celebrate and be constructively critical of what we have and where we can go in regard to Stirling’s creative identity.

In doing so, we recognise that we bring lots of people with lots of different ideas and experiences of Stirling and want to create a space where we can think and act together to explore what’s possible. Book your free place here.

We also recognise that not everyone can make the date itself, and we’re keen to have as much input from anyone who cares about creativity in Stirling, to shape the day and make your voice heard.

Over the next three weeks we will be posting 3 questions in relation to the themes of the symposium (you may see these on social media from across the Stirling Cultural Partnership – you can read more about individual partners here). Creative Stirling will be posting these via their Facebook, so keep an eye out for the first question on 11th April and please share your ideas.

The symposium is an opportunity for constructive discussion and planning. It takes a solutions-focused approach to the opportunities and challenges of Stirling’s creative identity. Everyone attending the event does so in the spirit of asking themselves (1) what do we need (2) what could work (3) what can I offer. We ask those responding to the questions online to do so with the same intent.

If you want to find out more about the symposium or Place Partnership, please get in touch with project manager, Ruth ( If you would like to write an extended response to the question, or would like to share your creative practice in relation to connecting with people and place on our blog, please get in touch.