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Radical Weave Exhibition Launch

This Thursday at 6pm, we’ll be launching our latest exhibition in the gallery space at 44 King Street. Our latest exhibition will be taking a look at weaving, providing a detailed look at the history of it in Stirling and how it’s still being done through local Stirling makers like Mairi Breslin (The Dunmore Weaver). Some further information on the exhibition can be found below:

Full disclosure: it didn’t work out too well for the weavers. Weavers were the last people to be hanged in Stirling for their part in the Radical Rising, aka, seeking better workers’ rights. Stirling’s heritage with weaving is a complex, if not eclectic, design. It’s in the spirit of the radical weaver: rebellious, resistant and persistent, that this exhibition is presented. 

So, with all our history with weaving, what does it mean to be a weaver today? This is the question we explored through the development of the RADICAL WEAVE exhibition, with 44 King St’s resident ‘woolly’, Mairi Breslin. Being a weaver in the 21st century means creating something that can’t be done solely by a machine. It is created with the personality of the weaver, even a bit of their soul, in the cloth. Mis-threadings are not mistakes, they are design features that mirror the life of the weaver at that time. Mairi will be sharing some of her works in progress, with all the colours and weaves that express her personality, and will be running workshops throughout the exhibition to help you explore your own woolly side. Just ask at the Made in Stirling desk to find out when these will be taking place. 

We welcome you to explore and be part of our woolly explorations of Stirling’s weaving history. With us, you can learn a little of Mairi’s process and experiences of ‘weaving local’, and the strong weaving history of Stirling that has influenced textile design in Scotland.