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Place Partnership, an introduction

Today marks 4 weeks into my role as the Place Partnership project manager, 12 days in to be precise. If you’ve not heard about the Place Partnership yet, it’s a collaboration between Stirling Council and Creative Scotland that aims to develop connectivity and opportunity to enhance Stirling’s creative economy. You can read more about Creative Scotland’s Place Partnerships here.

Driving the Place Partnership alongside Stirling Council is a cultural partnership of 8 organisations representing different parts of our creative city:

Artlink Central

Big Noise

Creative Stirling

Engine Shed (Historic Environment Scotland)

Forth Valley College

Macrobert Arts Centre

Stirling Smith Museum and Gallery

University of Stirling

My job as the Place Partnership manager is to support the cultural partnership to realise their ambitions for this work. My role, in fact, is the first outcome of their hard work together; sharing vision, purpose and potential and agreeing on a strategy for an inclusive, creative Stirling. The Place Partnership will evolve over the next 3 years and there will be two key things that will help us know if what we’re doing is making a difference in Stirling

  1. That the cultural organisations, individuals, local business and services that already work together on creative projects continue to do so and have increased opportunity to collaborate.
  2. That there are new partners involved and investing in creative activities here in Stirling. This could be schools, services, businesses, individuals and other cultural organisations.

Or, as I keep banging on about to everyone I meet, that we amplify what’s already happening here in Stirling and what it needs, creating more opportunity to work together as a creative Stirling.

There are two important areas of work that are driving what we are doing in this first year – developing a forum with rural creative partners in Stirling and launching Stirling’s brand new creative hub at 44 King St. To support both of these areas, we’ll be developing opportunities for artists to create new work, and will be hosting our first cultural symposium. The forum will be an opportunity for those living and working in Stirling to amplify (see, there’s that word again) the unique creativity of where you live and what it needs to grow, creatively. The hub on King St will be a space for creative innovation and learning with artists, makers, educators and enterprise working under one roof. A melting pot, if you will. ‘Made in Stirling’ (currently in the Thistles shopping centre and run by Creative Stirling) will be relocating to 44 King St and will be looking after the hub on behalf of Stirling’s creative community.

So, as I’m sure you can imagine, my first 12 days as project manager have been busy! Meeting the cultural partnership team, going to events, developing a project plan to move us enthusiastically forward, and, absorbing lots of strategies, policies and reports – all in all, a great first month. I’ll be checking in here to share all things Place Partnership and as the project develops, more information about how to get involved will be available here.

For now, thanks for the warm welcome, Stirling. While I’m here, I’ll be as useful as I can!