Artists make places make artists – our story of reorganisation and creative recovery

“In a sector rocked by the pandemic, freelance workers have been hit hard without the structure or financial support of an organisation to soften the devastating blow. This multiskilled, resourceful, creative, passionate, adaptable and dynamic workforce represents a third of the creative industries, yet they have felt completely abandoned by the sector they have worked so hard to build. So, what happens now that the sector is starting to return to ‘normal’, and is ‘normal’ good enough?”

McLuckie & Walker: Creative Community Workshops

Read a bit about the kids workshops we've been running as part of the ongoing McLuckie & Walker exhibition, including a poetry workshop with Stirling Maker Laura Fyfe and a mixed media arts & craft workshop.

Made in Stirling: how we grew our model to ensure Creative Stirling is sustainable

As shorthand, I always explain to visitors that our MIS store is the engine room for the Creative Stirling Hub. With a focus on supporting local creative sector individuals and business, every penny spent with us goes directly back into the local economy – the lions share directly to the growing collective […]

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Creative Stirling has broken down the barriers and is making the creative sector more available to the local community.