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Made in Stirling: how we grew our model to ensure Creative Stirling is sustainable

As shorthand, I always explain to visitors that our MIS store is the engine room for the Creative Stirling Hub. With a focus on supporting local creative sector individuals and business, every penny spent with us goes directly back into the local economy – the lions share directly to the growing collective and all profit reinvested back into Stirling communities through Creative Stirling, powering our work with families and young people in targeted communities. It’s a win-win and the real beauty of the concept is that it’s all driven by the abundantly talented creative people from all walks of life, across the region.

MIS Store has been evolving and growing and on the move – this is our sixth city centre location since taking the project on in 2012. Our customers (local and global) know and trust the energetic and eye-catching quality brand for the MIS Store collective, established by MIS Director Paul Jenkins since he came on board in 2017. The MIS Store with community gallery and workshop and event space, is the gateway to our Creative Hub at 44 King Street and a destination for tourists, much loved by our loyal, local customers. MIS Store has never been ‘just’ a shop. It is a thriving community in of itself, made up of 100 artists and designers and makers. The model offers affordable space to sell and we work with them to develop and deliver workshops and other creative projects, as well as being able to support product and business development. Everything is geared to go back into our community and it’s the way forward for making arts more accessible to all and less reliant on public subsidy, in a very fun and more responsible way.

2020 saw the launch of Made in Stirling’s online website. Be sure to have a visit to check out the latest products available to buy and take a look at the blog for the new ‘Meet the Maker’ series, introducing you to some of the artists that belong to the community.