Place Partnership, an introduction

Window Wanderland – developing relationships with ‘top of the town’

Over the weekend of 10th/11th of November, windows of homes, shops and pubic buildings were illuminated as part of Mercat Cross Community Council and Creative Stirling’sWindow Wanderland project. Working with Allans primary school and nursery, Tollbooth, The Haven and the Darnley coffee house, two artists and members of the local community came together in a series of workshops to design and create instillations on the theme of Armistice day.

This project, part funded through Place Partnership, has been an interesting pilot project for ways that we can work collaboratively with community members in particular local areas,towards the intention of responding and contributing positively to grassroots ideas and priorities. Within the top of the town area (Mercat community cross), local people felt that as the darker nights draw in, there is a need to brighten the area and make it look appealing to those walking from town to the castle. Most importantly, the community council members involved in the project wanted to explore creative ways to connect people in the local area.

Over the October week, Sam Green (an artist from Made in Stirling) worked with Allan’s primary school and Active Stirling through their holiday sessions. Exploring the theme of World War 1 and Armistice, Sam and children from Allan’s primary developed small individual pieces that would later come together in a window instillation, illuminated as part of the Window Wanderland route.

Following from this, artist Astrid Jaekel developed a large-scale piece for Allan’s nursery. Astrid also ran a workshop in Tollbooth and Made in Stirling. People came together for workshops at Darnley too, as well as drop in sessions at Haven, to make more individual as well as large scale group window instillations. The workshops started quietly and grew in numbers through the weeks leading up to the Window Wanderland event. In the coming weeks, I’m meeting with partners of the project to find out how they felt it went and what we can learn from this type of creative activity with local residents. I know that I’ve learnt a great deal through the process.