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Documenting the Impact of the Pandemic for Our Region’s Creative Workforce

Back in June, we wrote about a survey that had been designed by fourth year university student Eilidh Stalker during her work placement with us. We shared this questionnaire around artists, musicians, and anyone who identified as being part of the broader creative workforce.

Here are some of our key findings from the survey: 

We found that the biggest impact of COVID-19 on people’s creative practice was related to finance (70%) and the limited access to workspaces, which in turn made it impossible for people to physically present their work (67%). The biggest change that people had to make to adapt their practice was transferring activities to an online format (60%). Only a small percentage of participants were able to receive any financial support through government schemes. 

90% of participants said that their emotional wellbeing had been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, with a third of participants feeling very affected. These participants most commonly sought support from family or friends. When asked what support should have been given to artists and creatives, 86% of participants said that better funding support should have been given to mitigate the impact of the pandemic, with technical support and additional training being the other popular answers. 

This data will be essential to how we develop our future creative business and enterprise development work as people’s career support needs change.