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Community Speaks: Reflecting on the Culture Symposium Meet-Up

Community Speaks: Reflecting on the Culture Symposium

Today marks the launch of a new exhibition created by the Place Partnership at 44 King Street where we are encouraging everyone to reflect on the outcomes of the culture symposium back in May.

The symposium was a day based on action, with everyone in attendance being encouraged to think about what we can do – collectively – to work towards Stirling being a city that is represented by, and representative of, people’s creative identities and ambitions. This new exhibition is interactive and is a chance for previous attendees and those who were unable to make it on the day to continue to contribute to the symposium story. We invite and encourage you to come along to the exhibition, have a look at what we found out, and write on the ‘community’ wall space – a place where you can answer questions related to what was discussed on the 23rd of May.

There will also be an informal get together on the 25thof July where everyone is encouraged to attend for a chance to meet other creatives, discuss the outcomes of the symposium, and to check out the exhibition itself. This is in response to discussions at the Symposium, where many participants voiced their want for more spaces and opportunities for creatives to meet with each other. You can book your place for the 25thof July here:

We invite you to come along to the hub over the next few weeks to get involved with the exhibition, as well as to attend our get together on the 25thof July which will be a great opportunity for even more ideas to blossom surrounding the future of Stirling’s creative identity.