Place Partnership field trip!
Film at 44 King Street

Community Speaks: culture symposium event at 44 King St

We asked 4 questions that emerged from the culture symposium. Read on to see what folk said…

It was lovely to see so many familiar face from the culture symposium on Thursday night for our revisiting of the event. It was even better still to welcome some new people too, who were curious about what we all got up to at the Engine Shed on 23rd May! What was slightly less lovely was the 30C heat, so thank you again to everyone who joined – we can confidently say that is was (slightly) cooler at 44 King St than it was outside!

This event was about bringing people together to talk a little about what we found out through the symposium. It was also an opportunity to action one of the big take-aways from the symposium – that people wanted more opportunities to come together, informally, with other creative folk. We also used the opportunity to get some responses to some of the questions that were emerging from the symposium. We popped the very snazzy and newly decorated Made in Stirling postbox into the exhibition so people could anonymously respond to the following questions:

(1) What would happen if we all tried something different

(2) What do students want in creative opportunities in Stirling?

(3) Are spaces as responsive as they need to be? How do we know and what needs to happen?

(4) How can we better connect the opportunities to meet that already exist?

As always, there was lots of ideas and perspectives for what could be achieved, and as ever, Stirling’s creative community is positively charged and ready to look aspirationally to what can be possible. People were also realistic within the context of their current situation for what could be achieved. Overall, people again saw students as important in shaping the culture of the area and some, including students at the event, suggested that more free or subsidised opportunities would help them engage. There was also a keen interest in connecting communications and solutions were in keeping with what we found out from the symposium: that there needs to be more opportunities to come together to have a platform to share, and that online communication needs to be more connected, transparent and easily available. When we asked what would happen if we all tried something different, there was recognition that not everyone would like it, but that some people would love it, embrace it and that new interesting things could happen, including in unusual places; another thing that also resonated with the symposium. When thinking about the responsiveness of spaces, being connect with each other and helping each other to know what was available was repeatedly mentioned.

As ever, I’m grateful to those taking time from their busy lives to help shape the direction of the Place Partnership. The exhibition is up until mid-august so if you’ve not had the chance to join in yet, you are MORE than welcome! You can also join the FB group too where you can keep everyone updated with your creative projects…

Finally, if you want to answer some of the questions above, feel free to drop me an email!