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Cinema Club Interview with David Green – Volunteer and Film Enthusiast

As the October holidays approach, we are reflecting on all the fun we had delivering our last creative holiday programme in summer, HIT PLAY. We hosted a range of workshops for local kids and young people, providing the opportunity to dabble in illustration & comic books, animation, fashion, ceramics, robotics, photography and cinema club.

Our cinema club was developed by Sam Warnock, our events & programme coordinator and showcased a range of films, including some silent Buster Keaton shorts & a range of short films from Discovery Films at DCA. Sam said:

“It was great to be able to show films again at the hub, particularly such a wide variety. I loved hearing attendees talk about how much they enjoyed watching the Buster Keaton films as most of them weren’t familiar with him before coming along to the screening. We’re really looking forward to programming more film screenings in the future – we have a couple of Marlene Dietrich films showing in December and will be looking to screen more classic films next year too”

We spoke with one of our super volunteers and cinema experts, David Green, who helped us deliver the cinema club session for our youth group (ages 13-25).

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Tell us a bit about you?

My name is David, I’m 31 and also on the autistic spectrum. I work part time as a retail/shop assistant in Denny and have been employed there for the past almost 10 years now. I’m very interested in cinema and cosplay, where I recreate myself as various characters.

What did you think about the cinema event?

I thought it was a really enjoyable and educating event. I enjoyed helping to set up on the day and host the discussion groups after each film. I have a lot of film knowledge and got to stand up and tell the audience about some facts they didn’t already know. For example, we watched some Buster Keaton shorts and he was known as “The Great Stone Face” and actually did all of his own stunts. He even unknowingly broke his neck during one of his scenes.

What kind of films were shown?

The films were a mix of silent comedies by Buster Keaton and short films ranging from 2 to 15 mins at a time, a lot of which were from Discovery Film (DCA).

Were there any interesting topics/themes that came up on the films? Where there any interesting conversations that arose from that?

A few of the topics that I can recollect seemed to vary on the subject and ranging from youth, adaptation, belonging, gender issues, race, refugees/resettlement, bullying, climate change & extinction. I remember that there were some interesting discussions that were started, and it was great to hear what the attendants thought about the films. These then led to discussions about other world issues. It’s great to see films that evoke critical thinking in young people.

How did you get into film/cinema?

I started going to the cinema more in college and that’s where I got to see more of a variety of films, but my interest started after being introduced to a series online called Cinemassacre Monster Madness which was a series that talked in depth about the History of Horror Movies ranging from the Classic Era around 1930 (Dracula, Frankenstein) to the modern era and the way the person talked so passionately about the film he loved resonated with me. Cinema helped me gain my independence, as this was the first activity growing up that I started to do on my own.

Do you make any films yourself, or do you prefer to watch them? (you could take about your cosplay videos?)

I like a mix of both watching and making. In terms of making, I occasionally attend Comic Conventions with friends and film video of the people in costume/cosplay acting in characters and set it to music to make small music videos.

What’s your favourite movie ever, if you had to pick one?

My favourite film occasionally changes from time to time like the arrow of a compass. At the moment, it’s a draw between The Blues Brothers and Goodfellas.

Would you like to be involved in more film projects that Creative Stirling run? & is there anything you would like to see us do?

I would be happy to help out in future film projects. Perhaps a cinema club would be great, where we could have some group discussions afterwards. As for other ideas I’m not sure at the time being but I will have a think and see if anything does come to mind that might be enjoyable to others.

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Here’s some films we have coming up –

‘Morocco’ Film Screening

‘Dishonoured’ Film Screening

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If you are interested in seeing more film events happening here at 44 King Street, or want to be involved then get in touch with Sam Warnock at

Additionally, if you are interested in volunteer with our community development team, or interesting in any of our upcoming youth projects/opportunities, get in touch with Sam Green at