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Ceramics Studio Start Up – a Crowdfunder UK Campaign

Alongside local ceramicist Hannah Mackintosh (Mackintosh Made), we’ve launched our Crowdfunder UK campaign for a ceramics studio in the new creative hub on 44 King Street.

Hannah is an early career ceramicist working in Stirling who is passionate about her practice and teaching others about her craft and throwing clay as an art form. She is part of the Made in Stirling collective at the new creative hub at 44 King Street with experience of teaching community classes for all ages.

Funding for arts projects is really difficult these days, but we believe that traditional craft skills are super important and something everyone can enjoy and benefit from, and we know that there’s a demand for this kind of craft experience from the lovely people who come into Made in Stirling Store every day and tell us about the kind of creative practices and activities that they want to learn and do. 

We need some capital funding for a range of new ceramics kit so that Hannah and other local ceramicists can share their knowledge and skills with each other and with the wider community. We need potters wheels and a kiln, to start with, so we can help to establish the ceramics studio in the city centre to offer classes and workshops that everyone can enjoy and bring something different to Stirling. 

You can find out even more info on the campaign and donate here. We also have a Facebook page for the project. Check out some of Hannah’s work that you can get as a reward for donating: