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Building Wellbeing: Creative Jewellery Sessions for Parents & Kids

On Saturday 23rd June, we hosted our second Creativity and Wellbeing session: a series of jewellery workshops delivered by local jewellery makers aimed at community building, reconnecting and wellbeing, with the project organised by Roberta Pederzoli from Quinta Essenza Jewellery.

The adults that attended our session took a step into the world of paper filigree jewellery- paper quilling to transform strips of colour into beautiful jewellery pieces, such as broches pendants and earrings. Roberta delivered this creative session; supporting participants and providing the opportunity to build connections with one another. Between every turn of paper, every sip of coffee and every conversation, we got to know each other better.

There is nothing better to focus on than something you make with your own hands. All our jewellers-for-a-day were engrossed in their work and enjoyed learning this new skill. A whole range of colours were available, and all sorts of beautiful shapes and forms were created. 

While adults had their mind on twisting and turning very thin paper strips, simultaneously our community team entertained the kids and young people who joined their parents and guardians to learn a bit about aerodynamics, as well as a mix of creative activities. 

One of our young attendants took the lead, creating a wind tunnel and bringing the kids and young attendants of all ages together to learn about the interaction between air and objects. We had lots of fun playing with balloons and a mix of objects to fly them into the air and hover above the tunnel- with of the balloons floating almost all the way to the roof. Some inquisitive kids even decided to try making their own paper filigree and did an amazing job. 

Our Creativity and Wellbeing Through Jewellery Making workshops, funded by Scene Stirling, provide adults with an opportunity to learn new skills at our creative jewellery classes, whilst bringing along their children too to join in and enjoy a separate activity. This means that parents don’t have to worry about finding childcare to attend a new class and meet some new people, with the kids having a great time too.

Our first session was delivered by Rachel Davies, and our next sessions to come being delivered by Jenna McDonald, Andrea Gardiner and Roberta Pederzoli.

We are working closely with different community groups to fill spaces but keep an eye on our social media for any spaces that become available to all.