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One week to go until the Culture Symposium!

So, it’s just over a week until the Culture Symposium! There’s been so much interest in the event and I’ve been having some really interesting discussions with people here in Stirling since its launch!

One of the things we did to promote the symposium was to share some key questions about Stirling’s creative identity, which will be framing some of the discussions on the day. The questions we asked were: 

How can physical spaces connect and support Stirling’s creative identity?

How do local people change or ignite the creativity of their local area?

It was great to have the feedback we received – thanks to all who took the time to share their thoughts. One of the big things to come out of this was that discussing Stirling’s ‘creative identity’ was tricky. Some people didn’t feel they knew what this was; some had strong opinions about what this was; some felt they were unsure of their place to respond to the question; and, some felt the question raised more questions than it answered. 

All in all, one thing was clear – how we interpret Stirling’s creative identity means many different things to many different people. 

And why shouldn’t it…

For me, the responses have really helped me to think about how we frame the discussions at the symposium and how we set the context for the day.  Over the course of the event we will be talking about Stirling and how its represented through creativity, the spaces that we make to support this, and how the journeys we’ve taken through Stirling’s creativity can be traced, to help us think about where we might go next. 

So, join us on 23rdMay at Engine Shed and be part of the discussion and part of the action in shaping and celebrating Stirling’s creative identity. Joining us on the 23rd May is a commitment to being part of the change you wish to see within Stirling. It is an opportunity to share what you want and what you can bring, recognising that the two are hand-in-hand.

See you there!

Ruth and the Stirling Cultural Partnership