New Theatre: Fisk



Thu 26 Jan, 2017 - 7.30pm

This is a story of a man and a fish, and the unexpected impact they have upon one another. It weaves together a rich tapestry of puppetry, movement and intricate design, alongside an evocative original soundtrack, the piece draws audiences into an immersive marine world.

Family Theatre: Pondlife


Sat 23 Oct, 4pm & Mon 23 Oct, 10.30am

Macrobert Arts Centre


A touching family show for children and adultsa like. 


Pondlife is a passionate and energetic one-man show that vividly illustrates the high stakes of classroom power play and explores the lasting legacy of childhood friendships.

The Broons Live On Stage

The Broons

Thursday 13 October, 7.30pm

Friday 14th October, 5pm & 8.30pm

Saturday 15th October, 2.30pm & 7.30pm


Scotland's most famous fictional family are coming to Macrobert Arts Centre!


The Glebe Street bunch has featured in the classic DC Thomson comic strips in the Sunday Post since 1936 and this brand new production celebrates their 80th anniversary!

A Story of the Italian / Scottish Migration at Macrobert

A Bench On The Road

Tuesday 4 October, 7.30pm


A Bench on the Road is the result of a research commissioned in 2013 by the University of Edinburgh under the Italian-Scottish Research Cluster project (ISRC).The script, written by Laura Pasetti, is based on archival items held by the ISRC, such as recorded interviews and other personal documents, regarding and involving women.

Doors Open Day - 10th and 11th of September

We had a very successful weekend at the Engine Shed for Doors Open Day! As part of the event, we were exhibiting photographs taken by the participants on our Boom Town photography workshops. These workshops were done in collaboration with Historic Environment Scotland and Picture the Possible. The images taken were mainly of Victorian buildings around Stirling which most people tend not to give much notice to. The aim of the workshops was to engage the community with the town that they live in, and to give them the opportunity to become interested in Victorian architecture.