Freedom Versions

The Idea

1NE4OURZERO2014 was the second incarnation of the Freedom Versions project, with a digital and print-based focus on pre-referendum Scotland.


The Idea

Freedom Versions V.1 brought together ten artists from across Scotland to produce a new collaborative painting specifically created for the Old Town Jail.


Additional Media

'Solar Fields' Exhibit, University of Stirling

What are your hopes and fears for a post referendum Scotland?
What should we think about before making our mark on the ballot?

Originally produced as an installation within the Stirling Old Town Jail one year prior to the Independence Referendum, 'Solar Fields' used the new(ish) publishing platform of Twitter to gather short headlines in response to the above questions.

These powerful statements, both for and against the union, were composed by artists, writers, musicians and members of the public as the content for the prints on display.

Freedom Versions V.2: 1NE4OURZERO2014

1NE4OURZERO2014 is the second incarnation of Creative Stirling’s Freedom Versions project funded by Creative Scotland. In summer of 2012 the yard of the Old Town Jail in Stirling was transformed by a large-scale collaborative installation of riotous visual art, musical performance and printed written word exploring the themes of freedom, independence, colonisation and alienation.

Interview: Hayden Westfield-Bell

Creative Stirling’s new intern Hayden Westfield-Bell recently won a competition to have his poetry showcased at the Ash Sessions. Hosted by Nicks Coffee Company, Dublin, ‘“Black, Strong and Sweet” Poetry Series was looking for poems that were ‘visceral, ‘of the gut’, and 'full of duende’. Hayden’s works will be exhibited on the chalkboards of the coffeehouse, featured on a blog that will accompany the series, and, most excitingly, printed on the take-away coffee cups. The series runs from May through till July, at a rate of one poet per week.

Freedom Versions Artist: Rabiya Choudhry

Rabiya Choudhry is an Edinburgh based Artist, recently having contributed to Creative Stirling's Freedom Versions v.1 in the historic Old Town Jail.

My name is Rabiya Choudhry and I'm an artist based in Edinburgh. I graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2006 and have been working as an artist, both nationally and internationally, since then. I was attracted to the Freedom Versions project by the opportunity to make a large scale artwork within the grounds of a historical building with a fantastic team of artists.

Freedom Versions V.1 Launch

Freedom Versions V.1 brings together ten artists from across Scotland to produce a new collaborative painting specifically created for the Old Town Jail. A visual riff on the concept of freedom set in a historic building designed to restrict it. The work references the landscape, history and culture of the area and utilises a unique collaborative style and methodology developed by this collective of artists over the past four years.