Mike Inglis is an artist recently involved with the Freedom Versions v.1 project in Stirling's Old Town Jail. Asides from his gallery and project work, he teaches visual communication part time at Edinburgh College of Art.

I have shown my gallery-based project work both nationally in a variety of Scottish Galleries, as well as internationally in London, Amsterdam, Barcelona and New Dehli. I have also been commissioned to create a series of permanent and temporary Public Art installations across Scotland. I'm currently engaged on a research based artist residency in Dumfries which explores notions of outsiders or excluded voices. I also continue to teach visual communication
part-time at Edinburgh College of Art.

Freedom Versions v.1 offered two very exciting opportunities. Firstly to collaborate on an experimental and open brief with a great group of contemporary Scottish artists, and secondly to explore the notion of freedom within the framework of the Scottish psyche – especially relevant as we approach what might be a real opportunity for Scotland to govern itself.

The whole idea of Scottish creativity just now is interesting, with much attention being focused on the Glasgow Turner prize crew. It’s an undervalued area of Scottish culture and could be developed and supported so much more at grass roots levels. It would, however, be nice to see a broader sweep made outside of the west coast hub, since so much great work is being produced nationally from Dumfries to Inverness, and now Stirling, with special affection for the east coast/DOJCA creative mafia that I'm part of in this collaboration.

Freedom Versions is especially relevant as we approach what might be a real opportunity for Scotland to govern itself.

The most exciting thing about this project is the idea that as a referendum draws closer, this argument will fuel the political dimension that real protest art/street art is capable of, as opposed to trendy street illustration currently being force fed through the media particularly in style blogs and magazines. I sense the potential for really powerful development at Freedom Versions v.2 stages, and look forward to extending the visual arguments and dialogues begun in v.1. Creative Stirling really have raised the battle flags and announced their presence as an art hub with a social agenda. Vive la revolution.