Taken From Transition Stirling

The Garden

We’re very excited to be starting our new forest garden project. This is a planted garden which is modelled on natural woodland, except most of what is grown is used by humans e.g. for food, fibres, dyes, medicine, wood for fuel, woodwork. The design mimics the natural ecosystem of a forest in that its layered structure supports and uses beneficial relationships between plants, creating high levels of biodiversity and a haven for wildlife.

It’s going to be a great space for Transition members and the wider community to meet, share skills and learn about things such as growing food, planting, permaculture, sustainability, crafts and coppicing. We hope it will also provide a great resource and venue for our skill sharing Ripples events.

The Site

We’re very lucky to be creating our garden in the beautiful and historic ruins of John Cowane’s House. With kind permission from Cowane’s Trust, we’re going to be transforming this abandoned space into a vibrant community growing area. We’ve started working with various community groups including Stirling Mercat Cross Community Council to develop the grounds which will also be used regularly by Allan’s Primary School and Cowane’s Hospital Café.

Get Involved

  • Events - The best way to get involved is to come along and join in! You can see what events we’ve got coming up here.
  • Blog - We’ve got a photo blog to find out what’s happening with the garden on a regular basis – just one photo and an explanation.
  • If you want to post your photo onto the blog, just send it in.
  • Social Media - You can also join in the discussions in our Facebook group and follow us on Twitter
  • Lastly, if you’ve any ideas/thoughts or questions get in touch with lyndsay@transitionstirling.org.uk