Each Place Partnership is led by the local authority but devised and delivered with a range of partners and in response to the needs and potential of each area, ensuring meaningful engagement across the partnership and ensuring the collective voice of the grass roots creative community is included.

After individual consultation with a range of our close collaborators, peer and partner organisations, Creative Stirling Trustees tabled a motion and unanimously agreed to draft a proposal outlining our vision and capacity for our role in delivering a successful and authentic Creative Place Partnership for Stirling at our meeting in May 2016. This proposal was drafted with our trustees and shared at our most recent membership event at the Cowane’s Hospital on Feb 2.

This proposal was written in the spirit of presenting a clear and constructive representation of our ability to involve and empower our progressive membership to meet the wider city priorities. Our intention is that we will continue to consult our membership to shape a manifesto for the Place Partnership that our hugely diverse communities of interest, represented within the Creative Stirling membership, can embrace and put their creative energies and expertise behind. As the proposal states, we wish to build and enhance the development of Stirling’s existing creative visionaries, facilitators, activists and champions who share industry as well as local knowledge along with capacities of imagination, resourcefulness, ingenuity and drive.’


Creative Scotland’s Place Partnership Programme is 'a strategic programme designed to encourage and support local partners to work together with their creative community. The partnership should aim to make significant interventions which address opportunities and issues, and help to strengthen creative development in their area.’

Stirling’s Creative Place Partnership presents an opportunity for a timely shared reimagining of the future civic identity and economic contribution of arts and culture in Stirling. Working with our peer arts and culture providers, independent organisations and individuals, in partnership with public agencies that have an arts and culture remit, Creative Stirling is ideally placed and qualified to lead the development and delivery of the Stirling Creative Place Partnership.

This proposal identifies three strategic priorities and action themes for Stirling Partnership.

  1. i)  To build the capacity to deliver a cultural city wide offer

  2. ii)  To put access and inclusivity at the heart of the strategy

  3. iii)  To develop the creative economy of Stirling

These priorities have been drawn from numerous experiences, workshops and project delivery participants while working to deliver the vision of Creative Stirling with its partners that:

‘Stirling is a lively and culturally diverse place for all who live, work and visit’

We hope that this proposal will begin a conversation between the partners and our trustees around taking this proposition forward.

Three Key Priorities for the Stirling Creative Place Partnership

  • To build the capacity to deliver a cultural city wide offer by consolidating leaders of culture and arts, heritage and education to revolutionise thinking around our city’s cultural assets, resources and ways of working to inform the future culture strategy for Stirling and its rural communities.

  • To put access and inclusivity at the heart of the strategy using culture to ignite and mobilise all our communities, bringing people to effectively participate and contribute to the longer-term realisation of the City Development Framework plans.

  • To develop the creative economy of Stirling working with stakeholders to identify and develop innovation in funding models that can support culture in Stirling, particularly around key infrastructure and regeneration activity to generate new opportunities to both attract and retain young talent and transform the cultural offer of the city.


There is a shared determination within Stirling Council’s Executive team and all key city stakeholders to ensure current City Development Framework plans are effectively implemented.

Stirling Council recognises the essential value that art and culture brings to local quality of life, to attracting tourists and skilled workers, to boosting new creative economies, and to the reputation and development of ‘Place’.

Provision for arts and culture has been put under increasing stress as subsidy sources continue to diminish. It will require financial leverage, innovation and recognition of the scope of new, entrepreneurial and community based approaches to ensure cultural activities and opportunities continue to grow.

In line with the national arts strategy, the Stirling Creative Place Partnership must harness the full potential of the arts and culture for its citizens in `genuine` partnership. To ensure the success of the City Development Framework Plan it is essential that the Partnership involves all who make up the arts and culture community of Stirling in helping to shape strategy and delivery.

Creative Stirling has experience, local knowledge and networks built on a bedrock of established working relationships, that will enable us to make the best of the significant opportunity by bringing together in the centre of the Place Partnership a wide range of groups and communities of interests who live and work in Stirling.


Through our discussions, we have identified the following themes that reflect the objectives for Stirling’s City Development Framework that will form the basis for partnership action and provide inputs to contribute to the delivery of Stirling’s Single Outcome Agreement.

  •  Skills Development, Enterprise and Employment Opportunities within our creative and digital industries and interdependent sectors that are relevant to Stirling’s local economy.

  •  Intelligent Knowledge Based Cultural Offer - Working with the Higher and Further Education Community, the University of Stirling, including the Macrobert Arts Centre, and Forth Valley College, to develop projects that physically connect educational activity with the city and grow Stirling’s offer and reputation as a knowledge city and centre for research and learning with a rich cultural offer.

  •  Contemporary Cultural Identity – Creating and promoting a dynamic confident contemporary cultural identity for Stirling that empowers, celebrates and exploits its outstanding historical, social and environmental assets.


Operating as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation, Creative Stirling is a community membership organisation with a robust partnership governance that represents and acts upon community interests, aspirations and needs. Creative Stirling has a wide ranging membership of engaged community interests that will provide a solid, workable foundation for the Creative Place Partnership for Stirling.

Creative Stirling will bring a co-ordination and management role to align Stirling’s cultural community with other successful creative networks and Place Partnerships in Scotland. Our benefits are;

a. Connectivity with the national arts and creative industries networks

Aligning Stirling interests with Scotland’s Creative City network and its National Arts and Cultural Strategy. Creative Stirling is a natural fit to lead, broker and consolidate partnerships and communities around the Creative Place Partnership for Stirling.

b. Leadership capacity and development

Build and enhance the development of Stirling’s existing creative visionaries, facilitators, activists and champions who share industry as well as local knowledge along with capacities of imagination, resourcefulness, ingenuity and drive.

c. Skills and experience drawn from inclusive creative planning and production

Creative Stirling has developed agility and resilience through working with our peers, local talent and audiences in Stirling. The result is a tested model of operating that is inclusive and future proofed against ongoing change in how culture works specific to place. Collaboration and agility, as well as being empowered under effective leadership are critical requirements for a creative community.

d. Creativity

Informed creative thinking is critical to designing a plan with the ambition to reform the cultural offer of Stirling within the framework of wider city strategies. The Creative Place Partnership will extend resources enabling new artists and others to work with us, to inspire and inform a strategy that will create a new forward looking and connected bedrock for the cultural offer of Stirling. 


March 2017 - Delivery of partnership proposal event
April 2017 - Agreement to proceed by key agencies, partners and independents
May 2017 - Creation of draft organisational structure, participants, finance
July 2017 - Creation of 5 year action plan
September 2017 - Action plan delivery

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