With our next membership event coming up in the next couple of weeks, we thought it would be a good idea to look back on our last one that was held on the 24th of November.

The theme of this event was 'Digital and Creative Exchange'. The focus was around the digital creative companies that are local to Stirling and the work that they do within the community. After some networking at the beginning of the night, our guest speakers - all from Stirling's local digital companies - delivered their presentations.

The companies who gave presentations at the events included: Dogfi.sh Mobile Ltd., Thinkwhere, Ping Creates, and Sales Agility. Craig Steele from Coderdojo Scotland also delivered a presentation, where he discussed the exciting projects that they have lined up in the near future. 

This was the first of many events that we will be holding every few months. The aim of these regular network events is to create potential for collaboration within the membership and the theme for each, as we continue discussion around creative and cultural opportunities in Stirling. Our next event on the 2nd of February will tackle another theme - 'Creative Placemaking'.

(With thanks to Macrobert Arts Centre for kindly hosting the event, and thanks to the University of Stirling and Coderdojo Scotland for their support).